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Client testimonials

We think we’ve got some pretty special clients at Superfit Warragul; their motivation and energy drives everything we do and we love watching their fitness journey.

Here’s what our clients are saying about us:

Kelly (previous client of the Superfit Sculpt program)

The body sculpting program is the single most effective thing I have done for my body in the past five years. 

Aside from increasing strength and reducing my body weight, the outcomes I have found most rewarding have surprised me. Breaking a 23 year old habit of sugar in my coffee, virtually eliminating alcohol, dramatically improving my quality of sleep and increasing my overall energy levels right throughout the day. As obvious as it sounds, it’s so good to feel good! 

I have approached this program as the start of a sustainable, ongoing lifestyle change as opposed to an experiment or short term goal. The program and the trainers certainly give you everything you need to continue realising the benefits well beyond the program’s finish date. 

I would encourage anyone ready to clean up their lifestyle to invest in this program, let Jodie and Lou help you and enjoy the results!’

Cheryl (previous client of the two Superfit Sculpt programs, current gym member)

In the past I have done the sculpt program to isolate and work certain muscle groups in an attempt to learn to activate correctly and to balance out any imbalances, strengthen opposing muscles who perhaps have not been doing their job too well for me, in turn causing me pain during and after any exercise program. I wanted to learn isolated weight work, build strength and prevent future injuries. I have been pretty successful at that as far as, my body is moving better and more balanced than ever before and a lot less pained because of incorrect moving patterns .

This time for me the sculpt program was about leaning off, dropping weight and in turn getting stronger, fitter and more comfortable with me. Even though I ate pretty well prior to sculpt I was starting to get a little slack and had no immediate goals, small things were starting to creep back in to my lifestyle, things that if you let it they can undo years of hard work on the weight loss and it then certainly starts to effect your mind set, your moods and movement from day to day. I knew I had to get it back to 100% clean eating and not let those little things creep back in, I had to become accountable.

I knew by signing up to sculpt the training side would be taken care of, all I had to do was turn up to my 3 sessions per week, this for me was a non negotiable, 100% attendance was a must. No thinking, no decisions just turn up to my time slot and do what I was told. Then the only thing left was the eating side of things. This required a bit more work, more dedication and commitment. But you are given every week a complete food plan, just stick to it, write everything down, I knew if I do that I can only go forward towards my goals. I was accountable to Jodie, Lou, my peers, the program but mostly I was accountable to me, I did not want any regrets… Whatever the result I needed to know there was not much more I could do in that given time. 

It’s done, I had my dexa scan, got down to 22% body fat, not quite my target but certainly not to shabby, bone density, lean muscle, visceral fat all in the top healthy range for my age group, gotta be happy with that. I feel good, I’m training well, I’m clear headed, I’m focused and am now driven and excited to continue my journey, after all it never ends. 

Thank you to Superfit, Jodie Lea, Louise Clarke and all the morning crew girls I sculped with and also everyone else who I train with at cross fit and superfit classes, you are all inspirational, love being in and around you all, its great for the mind, body and soul. I can’t wait to continue on through 2018 with you all and see what the year brings. Xxx’