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We offer a membership options to suit all budgets and training preferences. Whether you choose to be a Gold member or just attend a one-off class, come along and enjoy Superfit’s fully equipped, private gym and start your fitness journey today.


$40 $35

*Student memberships valid to those with student identification cards.


1 session $8 $15
5 sessions $35 $70
10 sessions $65 $130
20 sessions $120 $240


Membership options

Superfit Gold

Go for gold! Gold membership at Superfit gives you access all areas for classes AND use of the open gym between classes (pre-booking essential). This level of membership offers the perfect balance between class training with supportive team mates, and using the gym to train alone at quieter times.

Gold membership gives you unlimited access to the following classes:

Open Gym (access outside of classes)

Open Rowing (access outside of classes)

Gold membership costs $40 a week and you can cancel your membership at any time. But really, why would you?

Keep it casual – week by week

For those who prefer to keep things casual we offer unlimited weekly membership for $55. This gives you full access to any classes on the timetable for 7 days AND you can book to use the open gym between classes to train on your own.

Class passes

Our class passes cover you for 1, 5, or 10 classes. This is the perfect choice for you prefer to train on the go, or want to try a few classes and see how you get on. There’s no on-going membership obligation with the class passes and they’re valid between one month and three months, depending on the pass. Check your validity when you purchase your pass online.  Just book, come along and work up some sweat!

Remember to book your class in advance using the online booking system to make sure you don’t miss out.

The pricing for the class pass depends on the class you want to attend.

Here’s the breakdown:

Gold class pass

Gold Class passes allow you to book into any of the Gold classes, which include CrossFit. You’ll be able to book any of the following classes:

Silver Class passes allow you to book our great range of Silver classes, which include CrossFit Express and our Express rowing. With a Silver pass you’ll be able to book any of the following classes:

To become a Superfit Warragul member, or buy a class pass just click on the BOOK A SESSION now icon on our home page